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15 Aug 2013 | eLABORATE

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Alphabond Dental installs two new Zirkon Zahn M5 CAD/CAM systems

By Joseph Allbeury

New premises and facilities

Alphabond Dental has completed installations of two Zirkonzahn M5 CAD/CAM manufacturing solutions in Sydney this month at Dentiform Australia in Roseville and Renaissance Dental Ceramics in Chatswood. With prior installations at Grant Davis Dental, Hunter Dental, Dental X-Pressions and Werner Sauer Oral Design, Zirkonzahn has a growing user base in Australia.

"We're seeing more and more interest in Zirkonzahn's CAD/CAM solutions for laboratories as the knowledge base regarding this high tech end of the dental technology market increases," said Stanley Dyne, Managing Director of Alphabond Dental.

"There are now myriad solutions for in-house manufacture using CAD/CAM available for laboratories to select from and these systems are now a viable way to counter the cheap labour advantage offshore laboratories have.

"Zirkonzahn is growing in popularity because it's designed by technicians for technicians and has what is arguably the best translucent zirconia available in its in-house developed Prettau zirconia."

Whilst many manufacturers of CAD/CAM milling systems are moving to produce compact-sized bench-top units, the slightly larger Zirkonzahn M5 system is designed to be robust, reliable and continually upgradable.

"Most dental laboratories do not need a milling machine the size of a laser printer," said Robert van Rooyen, a dental technician and Zirkonzahn designer and trainer based in South Africa who was in Australia for the installations of the new systems and to offer advanced training to current Zirkonzahn users.

"The more technology you try and cram into a compact space, the more difficult it is to service and maintain the equipment. Zirkonzahn designs milling machines that are reliable and easily maintained and as a result, become the workhorse of any laboratory they are used in.

"The Zirkonzahn M5 system is expandable and upgradeable as new developments in materials and technology are developed and this future proofing is a major selling point for technicians who are still sitting on the fence waiting for the next big leap forward to occur before committing to a CAD/CAM solution.

"Zirkonzahn systems enable you to take full advantage of an automated manufacturing solution now whilst also ensuring you won't be left behind should new materials or technologies come into the market in the future."

Mr Dyne said that Alphabond Dental had customers from over 5 years ago who had purchased Zirkonzahn CAD/CAM systems and by implementing inexpensive upgrades as they became available, continue to use these systems profitably and productively on a daily basis.

For more information, please contactAlphabond Dental on 1800-643-477, Zirkonzahn AU/NZ on (02) 9967-0567 or see

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