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Amann Girrbach launches a new generation of zirconia blanks

Hugo von Hofmannsthal (1874-1929), the poet and representative of the Vienna Modern Age, was already well aware that: "How, is what makes the difference". And for Amann Girrbach, the "how" was also the crucial argument in favour of manufacturing its own zirconia blanks right from the start to ensure the highest level of quality.

In addition to the Ceramill milling units, the sintering furnaces and the milling and construction strategies, the system-inherent zirconia blanks are developed and manufactured exclusively and 100% in Amann Girrbach's own manufacturing facility near its corporate headquarters. 10 years after commissioning the first in-house production plant, the company, based in the Austrian province of Vorarlberg, is one of the three largest zirconia processing companies.

New Zolid DNA generation

Now, Amann Girrbach has launched an entirely new generation of zirconia blanks - the Zolid DNA generation. As with the Ceramill DNA device line, Zolid DNA is also equipped with that special "genetic information" that guarantees laboratories the highest level of quality, precision and efficiency. It is the result of a user-oriented development approach in which milling blanks are regarded as being part of an overall technical and medico-dental process.

To deliver perfect processing via CAD/CAM and to give the guarantee of highly aesthetic results, Amann Girrbach not only takes into account elements like biocompatibility and strength in the manufacturing of its milling blanks, but also a number of other factors which have a major influence on quality. Next to using high-grade raw materials, this also includes processing aspects such as edge and sintering stability, millability and the abrasion behaviour in relation to milling tools. Aesthetic properties are expressed through colour shades and translucency. The sum of all the mechanical, biological, technical and aesthetic parameters combined results in Zolid DNA. This perfect match is provided by the software and hardware components of the Ceramill CAD/CAM system. The harmoniously balanced interplay between material, CAD modules and milling units results in a seamless CAD/CAM workflow which promises maximum process safety and value creation.

The Zolid DNA generation covers the entire Amann Girrbach range of blanks and, next to the recently added polychrome, ultra-high translucent Zolid FX Multilayer, also includes the new highly translucent Zolid HT+ zirconia. This combines outstanding mechanical characteristics with enviable aesthetics. At over 1000 MPa, its strength lies in the range of the proven Ceramill Zolid HT zirconia, however, the light-optical properties surpass those of its predecessor considerably. Even massive structures, such as large, implant-supported bridges with a gingival component radiate the vitality of natural tooth substance. With an optimised manufacturing process, it was also possible to have a positive effect on the milling aspects of processing the blanks. In particular, it provides the option of even more delicate margin design, offering exceptional edge stability at the same time.

The portfolio of the white Zolid HT+ will in future be rounded off with 16 pre-stained Preshade blanks corresponding to the VITA classical shade guide. Zolid FX Multilayer is already available in all VITA shades and guarantees precise shade results.

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