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Carestream Dental CS 3500 Intra-Oral Scanner: Fast, portable, affordable, open

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First introduced at IDS 2013, the affordable Carestream CS 3500 is a truly portable, powder-free, 2D and 3D colour intraoral scanner that provides practitioners with the information they need to create perfectly fitting and aesthetically pleasing fixed restorations without the need for conventional impressions.

Since its launch, ongoing software up-grades have added dedicated orthodontic and implant scanning protocols and an auto-capture mode which has improved scanning speeds to 120 fps, reducing scan times by up to 40%.

Orthodontic scans give practitioners access to a wide range of laboratory CAD/CAM products such as clear aligners, splints, retainers, expanders and metal partial denture frameworks. The implant workflow features a new intuitive process for the acquisition of scan bodies and implant abutments. A special dual scan mode allows the user to scan the same implant region of interest twice - once with the scan body in place and once without, to capture more precise data, which is critical to the accurate design of the final crown. Additionally, a new precise cutting tool allows users to draw a free-form shape to select and cut a specific tooth area for simplified rescanning and improved precision when scanning.

In addition to its lightweight design (295 grams), there is no heavy trolley to push around so the CS 3500 can easily be shared between operatories; the intraoral scanner simply connecting via a USB 2.0 cable1 to a PC workstation or laptop.

The CS 3500 offers high-angulation scanning of up to 45 degrees, making it easier to move the scanner head within patients' mouths. The manoeuvrability of the scanner is further complemented by its slim scanner head that features two autoclavable tip sizes, one that fits most adults and one for children and adults with smaller mouths. For improved patient comfort, scanning can be paused or tips changed without having to restart the process, simply picking up where scanning was interrupted.

The scanner has a built-in heater that prevents the mirror from fogging during digital impression acquisitions and it does not require practitioners to apply reflective powder on patients' teeth prior to scanning, further streamlining the process and making it more pleasant for patients.

The CS 3500 generates true colour 2D and 3D images that help distinguish tooth structures and existing restorations from gingival tissue. The true colour 2D scans can be saved as JPEG images to improve communication between the practitioner and the lab and also make colour matching of restorations easier. The CS 3500 scans to a depth ranging from -2 to +13 mm with an average precision of 30 µm. These 3D images are displayed at a high resolution of 1024 x 768. With this level of detail, clinicians can easily identify critical anatomical features including margin lines, undercuts and contact points.

The CS 3500 also features a light guidance system that guides practitioners through the image acquisition process so they can look at patients' mouths directly, thereby minimizing the need to watch a screen while scanning. This ultimately ensures images are accurately taken to create 3D models for patients' restorations. The CS 3500 is able to work with other open system CAD (Computer Aided Design) software. Compatible CAD software products include exocad®, 3Shape® and Dental Wings®. Practices can send data from the CS 3500 to a lab via CS Connect software which is supplied at no charge.

  1. Requires 64 bit version of Windows 7.
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