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31 Jul 2012 | eLABORATE

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Dental4Windows ideal for denture practice

By Joseph Allbeury

Dental prosthetist Alex De Matos has operated a denture clinic and dental laboratory in the Sydney suburb of Marrickville for over a decade. Following the release of a dedicated Prosthetist Edition of leading practice management software package Dental4Windows, he recently decided to computerise the business.

"We were running everything in the clinic manually before we installed Dental4Windows three months ago," Mr De Matos said. "It's been a steep learning curve, but the software is designed around what we do so it's reasonably straightforward to use once you get started.

"Our motivation for installing Dental4Windows was to increase our efficiency, streamline patient records and better manage the administrative aspects of the clinic.

"Having a database containing all of our patients' records means we can also better manage recalls and communicate more easily. We can now quickly and efficiently send patients a letter, an email or an SMS based on their preference.

"Using a computerized system like Dental4Windows initially takes more time because you have to enter all the information to get everything set up properly, but we can already see the payoff that will come from having everything in one place in the future."

Mr De Matos spent time investigating various practice management software solutions designed for dentists as well as specific solutions for prosthetists.

"I looked around at all the available products and even trialed one for a few months. I liked Dental4Windows the best and whilst it was neither the cheapest nor the most expensive, it was the one that I felt represented the best value for money. It's easy to use, powerful and affordable. A number of my colleagues also recommended it, which gave me further confidence in the decision I made.

"We now use Dental4Windows for everything including patient records, the appointment book, billing, recalls and more.

"The electronic charting is a good tool and while it is quicker to chart on paper, you can enter more information on the computer and look back at the treatment you've completed over time. You also have all the information in one place without having reams and reams of paper.

"I also like the appointment book - it's easy to use and quite intuitive. If you map out a treatment plan, you can allocate the appointments and schedule them very quickly with just a couple of clicks."

Mr De Matos was able to transfer some patient information from his MYOB accounting software to Dental4Windows and the remaining information is being entered manually.

"It takes time to transition from a manual system but once it is all set up, it becomes much easier and you can do so much more. We didn't do recalls before, for example, because it was just too hard. Dental4Windows makes that very easy however.

"You can also send recall messages via SMS and when the patient texts back, it goes to my email which comes up on my phone. Then when the patient has finished treatment, Dental4Windows asks you when you next want to set the next recall.

"It's very helpful in many ways and makes life easier and you become far more efficient. We've only had it for 3 months, but as I learn more, I can see it will help facilitate growth."

For more information on Dental4Windows, contact Centaur Software on 1300-855-966 or in NZ: 0800-349-888.

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