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DGSHAPE ANZ and Sierra Dental Tool to offer milling tools for DWX Series

Roland DGSHAPE ANZ has announced that it has partnered with Sierra Dental Tool from the US to distribute a range of high-quality dental milling tools for the DWX Series dental mills.

Dental Laboratories build their reputation on quality. Sierra Dental Tool is no different. For over a decade, Sierra Dental Tool has delivered the highest quality milling tools to the industry. They have built their name on providing the most value to dental labs, by conducting their tooling in-house to use the latest in manufacturing and quality control technologies. Sierra Dental Tool's products are made from start to finish in the USA. Discerning dental labs want the best. That is why they choose Sierra Dental Tools.

There are two ranges of diamond-coated tools available suitable for miling zirconia restorations: The premium CVD diamond-coated tools and the mid-range CVD diamond-coated tools. In conjunction with these diamond-coated tools, premium carbide tools are also available, including the new specially developed 3mm Rapid Removal Carbide Tool for the milling of PMMA splints and dentures.

Premium CVD Diamond

Sierra Dental Tool's premium diamond coated tools are the longest lasting tools in the industry, setting the standard for the competition. They combine efficient cutting geometry and a proprietary chemical vapour deposition process to achieve unmatched performance in modern dental materials.

  • Best performance in the industry - up to 10X life of conventional burs;
  • Real diamond grown on the tool surface – hardest material known;
  • Extremely sharp cutting edge reduces margin chipping;
  • Low coefficient of friction (similar to Teflon);
  • Highest tensile and compression strength; and
  • Best tool available for milling Zirconia.

Midline CVD Diamond

Sierra Dental Tool's Midline CVD tool is the perfect alternative to Sierra's premium CVD diamond tool, delivering high quality, validated tooling at a lower initial price point.

  • Specifically designed for zirconia milling;
  • Real diamond coating;
  • High performance - up to 5x conventional burs;
  • Sharp cutting edge reduces margin chipping;
  • Robust, industrial cutting geometry;
  • High quality tungsten carbide; and
  • Non-slip - centreless ground shank.

Premium Carbide

Sierra Dental Tool's Premium Carbide tools have been specifically designed to outperform in wax and PMMA. They are a vast improvement over non-coated tools. They employ proprietary Lapped Edge Technology to produce a cutting edge that's far sharper than anything else on the market.

  • Sharpest cutting edge in the industry;
  • Proprietary lapped edge technology;
  • High grade tungsten carbide; and
  • Best surface finish in wax and PMMA.

Premium Carbide Rapid Reduction

The Premium Carbide Rapid Removal tool makes removable milling a viable and cost-effective option in Roland DWX series mills.

  • Proprietary cutting geometry for fast material removal - reduces process times;
  • Clean cuts even in soft, sticky materials;
  • Extremely sharp edge minimises cutting loads;
  • Deep, polished flute design allows for large "bite" of material per cut;
  • Long reach for deep cavities and thick pucks;
  • Chip-Channel Technology removes material up and away when deep pocketing; and
  • No slip shank - the shank is treated to ensure it is held in the collet securely during milling.

In conjunction with the launch of the new tools, a tool package updater is available for the Roland Edition Millbox CAM software. This will install the new tool packages into the Roland Edition Millbox Software to make for an easy installation process of the new Sierra Dental Tools.

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