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Digital Dentistry and Dental Technology conference set for September 21-22

Digital Dentistry and Dental Technology 2018 is an event designed to give you the opportunity to learn exactly what you want to know about the state-of-the-art in digital dentistry.

Digital technology is permeating every level of clinical dentistry and dental laboratory practice. Because the scope is broad and all areas of digital dentistry will not be of interest, the event allows you to build-your-own-programme with a range of concurrent sessions throughout the 2-day program that allow you to pick and choose between lectures and workshops.

Whether you're a dentist, a dental prosthetist or a dental technician, whether your interests are in products like intraoral scanners, bench top scanners, 3D printers, milling machines or solutions for digital dentures, digital orthodontics or digital implantology, this program will give you the opportunity to learn and explore.

Digital Dentistry and Dental Technology is not designed as an event where you spend your entire day sitting on the same seat in a single lecture hall. In each time slot, you'll be offered multiple choices so you can decide what you want to see and do.

At all times during the event, you will be able to choose between:

1. Digital Dentistry Program

This program includes lectures on various subjects of broad interest related to the clinical aspects of digital dentistry. This would typically interest dentists.

2. Dental Technology Program

This program includes lectures on various subjects related to the use of digital technology in dental laboratories and by association, denture clinics. The typical audience for this program is dental technicians and dental prosthetists.

3. Breakout Room Programs

Lectures and workshops will be available concurrent to the lecture programs for smaller groups on areas of more specific interest across 4 different breakout rooms.

Guru program

During the breaks, designated "gurus" will be available for one-on-one chats with delegates.

Panel discussions

One or more panel discussions will be staged during the program and relevant speakers will answer your questions.

A great experience

Digital Dentistry and Dental Technology 2018 is designed to be a fun learning experience that is driven by case presentations from the best speakers from across Australia and New Zealand backed with science and research. The program demonstrates what is possible with Digital Dentistry today. Located adjacent to the Sydney domestic airport, the Stamford Plaza Sydney Airport is an ideal venue for Digital Dentistry and Dental Technology 2018 - easy to fly-in or easy to park. Accommodation is available and full catering provided.

Some of the topics on the program include:

Intraoral scanning: Is it there and do we care?

How does intraoral scanning compare with analogue workflows? Is it fair to compare? Hear from labs accepting scans already and learn how to transition your lab into the digital age. Plus, the pleasures and pitfalls of working with digital dentists!

3D printing vs milling: What to use when and why

Some things you mill, some things you print, some things you can make either way... well technically anyway. Practically it's another story. All about 3D printers and more.

CAD/CAM material options and innovations

Zirconia, glass ceramics, CoCr and titanium are well-known in CAD/CAM but what about resins, polymers, hybrid ceramics, PEEK, carbon fibre, fibreglass and the myriad new materials available today. What works best where and which is the most efficient and cost-effective to use while providing optimal outcomes.

Digital Dentures - What is the state-of-the-art?

Various innovative solutions are becoming available for producing dentures in both fully digital and hybrid digital-analogue workflows. What is available now and how well does it work? Plus digital partials, laser sintering vs CoCr milling and more.

DIY aligners - Are dentists ready to make their own?

Advanced CAD design for implant-retained dentures... and more

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