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How do you choose your CAD/CAM?

If you're a dental technician interested in new CAD/CAM systems, this article is for you!

Price and technical details are the most striking variables when evaluating a CAD/CAM system. However, there are other less obvious - but equally important - aspects that you need to consider to make the right choice. You need to know that with increasing competition, undercutting the price is the easiest weapon available to sell one's product. However, Zirkonzahn has always been immune from the logic of "price slavery". Without fear of admitting it, we have never satisfied the palates of customers who adapt to this downward-price pressure: for us, adapting to this law of market would mean to discredit the extensive and effective service that we give to our customers before, during and after the purchase of their CAD/CAM system.

"Everything from a single source" is the principle that has always guided our company, allowing us to work without compromise and, above all, to offer our customers an exclusive privilege: 360° support that covers all your technical, dental technical and educational needs. Zirkonzahn.Support and the Zirkonzahn School ("Die Zirkonzahn Schule") are in fact two of our best "signature products". With Zirkonzahn.Support, our customers can benefit from a comprehensive technical, dental technical and methodological support with extremely short response times; through the Zirkonzahn School, on the other hand, our assistance extends to the training area too, for a truly all-round support.

All-round support for all

  1. In-house team with many years of experience in the sector;
  2. Technical/informatics support on machines, software and PCs;
  3. Dental technical support on case designing and materials;
  4. Extremely fast intervention times;
  5. Remote live support via software and PC;
  6. Remote upgrade of milling machines, ovens and software;
  7. Fully-stocked warehouse; and
  8. Software updates automatically included in the annual contract renewal.

Zirkonzahn.Support - How does it work?

As a customer, you can request technical support by phone, email or via the dedicated portal. Requests are processed and categorised in real time according to the type and priority of the problem and you will be contacted in the shortest possible time. For hardware problems, you'll receive all the information needed to restore the system. For software, the technician intervenes remotely to restore system functionality. And for dental technical assistance (choice of materials, working methodology, etc), the Steger Dental Laboratory's support team in Brunico will respond.

Die Zirkonzahn Schule and Die Zirkonzahn Schule.Online

We provide comprehensive training programs through the Zirkonzahn School ("Die Zirkonzahn Schule") to let you make the most effective use of your equipment and materials. The Zirkonzahn School's training programs take place in South Tyrol, Italy, Zirkonzahn's homeland and differ according to the participants' needs and level of experience. Along with face-to-face courses, the Zirkonzahn School offers a wide range of webinars and free web conferences held both by the company's experts and by internationally renowned professionals. The virtual events deal with the most diverse topics, from implant planning and digital patient analysis to smart workflow design and include presentations of clinical cases and explanations of the latest software and products, such as the new add-on Zirkonzahn.Modifier software and implant prosthetics components.

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