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31 Jul 2011 | eLABORATE

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infiniDent completes CAD/CAM picture

By Joseph Allbeury


Sirona Dental Systems has successfully launched its infiniDent portal in Australia in partnership with Stoneglass Industries. Using infinident, dental laboratories can order the full range of custom CAD/CAM products that can be milled on an inLab MC XL mill such as full contour IPS e.max crowns, plus additional products like titanium bars and abutments, zirconia copings, crowns and bridges or Dentabite occlusal splints produced on Stoneglass Industries' industrial DMG mills.

"infiniDent completes the picture for dental laboratories using CAD/CAM regardless of their level of investment in Sirona products," said Morne Cheetham, Director of Sirona Dental Systems in Australia. "In particular, it offers laboratories an opportunity to participate in the burgeoning area of intraoral scanning without any upfront costs."

Mr Cheetham said thanks to infiniDent:

  • Any dental laboratory can accept intraoral scans (digital impressions), design restorations and have them milled. The inLab design software is provided at no charge once a technician has attended the 1-day training course presented jointly by Stoneglass and Sirona (cost $350). To accept intraoral scans from dentists who have the new CEREC AC Connect digital impression system (or any current CEREC system), the lab then needs to register online at the CEREC Connect portal. To send restorations for milling through the infiniDent portal, the lab then downloads the Stoneglass Connect software (again at no cost) from the Stoneglass website. Restorations can then be milled through the infiniDent portal, either as a full contour restoration or as a coping in a range of materials. The only cost to the laboratory in the whole process is for the restoration.
  • Any dental laboratory with an inEOS scanner (red light or Bluecam) can send restorations they have scanned and designed to be milled through infiniDent without having an inLab milling machine in their lab.
  • Any dental laboratory with a 3Shape scanner can have the file converted so they can utilise the inLab design software and then send restorations to be milled through infiniDent.
  • Any dental laboratory with an inEOS scanner (red light or Bluecam) and an inLab milling unit can send restorations they have scanned and designed but cannot mill on their in-house system to be milled through infiniDent.

"Laboratories need to be using the latest in CAD/CAM technology if they're going to stay in the game," said Georges Sara, Managing Director of Stoneglass Industries. "But the trick is not to over-invest. You have to balance capital outlay with the return it will give you.

"Using inifinDent, regardless of where a laboratory is currently at, you can take advantage of world class CAD/CAM technology and millions of dollars worth of equipment essentially without any upfront costs.

"Even the smallest of laboratories can now have access to the highest quality, state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology that will allow you to offer a complete solution to your dentist clients and cost-effectively compete with offshore laboratories by offering better products, better service, faster turnaround and with a lower cost base.

"And, for laboratories who have already invested in Sirona scanning and milling technology, infiniDent completes that offering by adding industrially manufactured products that cannot be milled on a Sirona milling unit to their repertoire.

"Sirona and Stoneglass have given a lot of thought to the valuable role technicians play in the dental community and we're proud to be part of the solution they have developed. In light of the many pressures our industry is currently facing, I would encourage all laboratories to take a serious look at what infiniDent can offer."

For more information, contact Stoneglass Industries on (02) 9764-1036 or see

Table 1. Materials available through infiniDent
FrameworksFull-Contour Restorations
Sirona inCoris NPSirona CEREC Blocs
Sirona inCoris WAXIPS e.max CAD
Sirona inCoris ZIVITA Mark II
Sirona inCoris ALVITA TriLuxe forte
IPS e.maxZirCAD
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