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30 Nov 2016 | eLABORATE

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Introducing exocad DentalCAD 2016

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Exocad has always set new standards for power, ease of use and reliability of builds in their dental CAD software and now they unleash their largest upgrade ever.

The new exocad 2016 retains the now familiar user interface that received a complete makeover in 2015 with most of the latest improvements under the hood or added-on to what is already known as the standard in dental CAD design. For many, the wish list will now be complete as the engineers have obviously been listening, programming and delivering what is a slick host of amazing new features.

For the uninitiated, exocad is a two-mode software program - one uses a step-by-step wizard interface guiding the user through each step of the operation in a logical linear fashion; the alter- nate "expert" mode, however, is where the real power of exocad is unleashed. This uses a "random access" user experience where one can jump between different steps of design quickly and easily. Want to correct a margin? Done. Need to add a little more die spacer? Done. Need to change bar type? Well I'm sure you get the idea.The expert mode is not only powerful but makes a lot of sense to use. Regular users will immediately notice many new add ons and features within the program.

One major feature to mention is new software protection checking. This is to make sure your software and dongle are valid and to protect your investment. If you have a legal dongle, you have nothing to worry about.

Some of the new features of exocad 2016 include:

  • Full 64-bit programming for all the new features; the 32 bit version is available but has limited functionality so in reality, is being phased out;
  • New full denture module - exocad provides a digital solution for designing full dentures. Model analysis can be performed digitally and the results will be used for an automatic tooth setup suggestion. The prosthetic can be milled or printed, or produced using a combination of these methods;
  • The new virtual gingiva design workflow added enables gingiva design to virtual waxup design including single units to full arch designs;
  • Semi automatic tooth placement in one click for teeth and automatic design suggestions;
  • Interactive Chain Mode now allows flexible full arch placement and edit of setups with just a few clicks;
  • A copy and paste tooth feature for copying individually scanned teeth as a prep or even virtual tooth library models;
  • New advanced crown bottom design allowing a brushable cement gap and new tool compensation for bullnose milling tools;
  • Brushable contact areas and antagonists are now available in the free forming functions;
  • Support for new cutback libraries and new precision shrinking control to avoid situations such as over shrinking of pontics. Shrinking of new gingiva regions is now supported as well;
  • New connectorless bridges - direct connection of teeth is avail- able where they intersect - extra connects not needed;
  • Add anatomical shapes directly to bars; and
  • New articulators available including Denar and Bio Art.

This list is a sample of some of the 150+ features and improvements in exocad 2016. It is an exciting major release and now exocad has made available videos demonstrating the main new features, which are available online.

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