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31 Mar 2019 | eLABORATE

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Kulzer introduces Delara, a modern, all-round tooth line for everyday use with lifelike aesthetics

Delara is Kulzer's new line of prosthetic teeth, an all-round tooth line with a lively surface structure and unique layering. Its modern and bright shading rejuvenates patients for a fresh and vivid appearance, while offering easy handling with less grinding.

Kulzer always collaborates with practising dental technicians on the development of prosthetic tooth lines. Delara is no different: As the product of in-depth cooperation with dental professionals, it delivers unique layering, good aesthetics and easy handling for everyday business. Covering every traditional and modern indication, the tooth line sets a new standard for artificial teeth in this segment.

Delara includes 16 VITA + 2 bleach shades (BL2 and BL3). Its unique surface structure allows for natural light shattering and provides for a more "blueish" shade, as opposed to the "yellow" appearance of some prosthetic tooth lines. Due to its easy processing characteristics, even if dental technicians make corrections, they can rest assured that Delara's youthful aesthetics and "blueish" effect will not be lost. The teeth provide for lively transparency and successfully manage to avoid the undesirable "greyish" effect that can occur in the mouth with other products.

One tooth line for every need

Thanks to easy processing, admirable aesthetics and excellent value for money, Delara is the perfect all-round prosthetic tooth line for everyday use. Dental labs who use it as their go-to line of prosthetic teeth will find that they are able to complete the majority of their restoration work more efficiently - with less need for grinding to adjust the shape - while still delivering quality restorations. The visually impressive teeth offer a naturalistic feel and excellent durability that patients can enjoy for a lifetime.

Advantages of Delara include:

  • Easy handling for predictable results: freedom during set-up without exces-sive grinding or having to change the basic shape and layering effects. The polishing buffer, basal grinding reserve and optimised incisal edge simplify the set-up process.
  • Flexibility: full range of shades, process-optimised and anatomical forms, plus excellent functionality and beauty for all indications and set-up options.
  • Aesthetics: blueish effect for a fresh and lively appearance, along with modern shading, a vivid surface structure and dynamic light refraction.
  • Value for money: one tooth line for all indications for everyday use.

Prosthetic tooth lines at Kulzer

Kulzer has been manufacturing dental acrylics since the 1930s and has developed a tradition of quality, reliability and excellent aesthetics within the field of dental prosthetics. Through its lines of prosthetic teeth, Kulzer has gained proven expertise in balancing optimal functionality with top aesthetics. The company always aims to meet and exceed its customers' needs. Consequently, it develops denture products in close collaboration with internal and external dental technicians. This process was put into practice to help ensure that Kulzer dental products perform exactly as dental technicians, dentists and patients expect them to perform.

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