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New Asiga DentaFORM: 3D print material for vacuum thermoforming

By Terry Whitty

Printing 3D models for dental applications to replace gypsum models is slowly becoming the norm. It's easy now to create accurate models for crown and bridge, orthodontics, splints, sleep devices and some removable prosthetics, however printed models that are required to withstand high heat have been elusive until now.

Thermoforming, for example, requires a model that can withstand high temperatures and depending on the material being formed, it needs to be able to withstand high temperatures over time as the latent heat absorbed by the formed material is also transferred to the model. Often this leads to model distortion.

Enter Asiga DentaFORM, a 3D printable resin that will withstand high temperatures and is primarily designed for thermoforming techniques. DentaFORM model resin, when printed and processed to the manufacturer's directions, will impress with its heat resistant properties. Thermoforming mouthguards are often the benchmark as far as 3D printed models go, primarily due to the material mouthguards are made from.

Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) forms at anywhere between 80-120˚C, but it also retains heat for a very long time. If you use a standard printed model material, you will often find your model is destroyed. Not so with Asiga DentaFORM, as it will withstand the heat for perfect high temperature thermoforming. Retainers, mouthguards, bleaching trays, aligners and anything else you throw at it, Asiga DentaFORM performs flawlessly. It's a must for thermoforming and the new standard in 3D printed resins and arguably best of all, it's very cost effective.

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