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31 May 2020 | eLABORATE

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New ASIGA PRO 4K 3D printer sets new standards in quality, accuracy and speed

Most people into 3D printing have invested in inexpensive desktop models and current ones on the market range in price from a few hundred dollars up to around $10K. Most do an OK job for your everyday work in a surgery or dental lab oratory, however, the biggest problem with these 3D printers is that when you need to go to the next level of accuracy and repeatability, they just can't make the grade. For example, if you need to make models for implant cases, you cannot get by with an "average" printer. It might look OK, but looks can be very deceiving. When you get down to brass tacks and really measure some of the results from these printers, you may raise an eyebrow or two as they will not be as accurate as the manufacturer's will lead you to believe.

Enter the new Asiga PRO 4K DLP 3D printer. This printer has been designed from the ground up to be a quality, affordable solution to high end DLP printing for dentistry and it delivers with some amazing features.

For starters, the build volume of the PRO 4K X, Y, Z is 217 x 122 x 200mm, which is almost twice the size of any serious printer of consideration on the market. A Z height of 200mm is ample for any printer for dental use because the truth is, the massive layers of models that are shown in demonstrations at trade shows by some 3D printer companies are really not practical in a production environment, even though they are possible.

Next, the PRO 4K80 model's pixel resolution is 56 µm and what that equates to, in a nutshell, is amazing detail and accuracy of your printed job. Of course there is much more than pixel size that makes the Asiga an accurate printer and for that matter, any 3D printer, but a high resolution is a good start.

The unit can be ordered with 385 nm LEDs because printing materials cure faster at deeper UV wavelengths, reducing XY scattering and over-cure. The result is consistent accuracy, production reliability and the ability to process water-clear materials.

One thing you will notice about this unit is its quite heavy, weighing in at 140kg - why? All that weight equates ultimately to increased stability and a few secrets under the hood that require a solid footing. One of them is Asiga's own SPS (Smart Positioning System) that makes sure that every layer is formed accurately. A process monitoring system oversees all the functions including the built in radiometer and SPS and this helps to achieve the printer's repeatable precision.

Asiga make their own dental resins and they all work fine in this printer. However, you can use any resin you like from any manufacturer and this is a major advantage over most printers as many try to lock you into their resin and even monitor you by not allowing the machine to function without a connection to the internet. Not so with Asiga - you have the freedom to be flexible!

A simple, elegant touch screen allows you to control every aspect of the printer. If you just want just "click and print" your print ready model or appliance, you can; if you want to delve deeper into the more complex features of the printer, then you can really explore its advanced 3D printing functions.

This printer boasts accuracy, precision and repeatability and it delivers on all fronts. It is arguably the best printer ever made for dentistry and considering the price tag, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Perhaps best of all, Asiga is designed and manufactured in Sydney, Australia.

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