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30 Nov 2016 | eLABORATE

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New Ceramill DNA - Performance line

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Amann Girrbach has regularly set new trends for CAD/CAM-based fabrication of restorations with the Ceramill brand of CNC desktop units. The highly precise milling systems and key components of the Ceramill CAD/CAM system have become an impulse generator and global standard for digital in-house fabrication.

Using this expertise to influence construction components, machine design, milling strategies and also the control unit itself allows Amann Girrbach to meticulously adapt and continually further develop their CNC units to the specific requirements of dental technology.

The outcome is a new processing strategy called "carving mode" which reduces the grinding times of difficult to process materials such as glass-ceramics and hybrid-ceramics by up to 60%. The "carving-mode" cuts off excess material as a whole, thus avoiding grinding down the blank to the actual geometry. Low machining forces and their uniform distributions over the entire tool length enable higher processing speeds, resulting in significantly shortened fabrication times with increased service life and component quality.

The procedure, unprecedented in dental CAD/CAM technology until now, results in a massive saving in time when fabricating single-tooth indications made from hybrid or glass ceramic and corresponds to processing times using a twin spindle (approximately 15 minutes per crown) - with highest presicion. The ability to process materials so efficiently and literally with "verve and ease" demands high, but controlled power input in order to achieve maximum precision.

This is exactly where the optimised control technology comes into its own as, in conjunction with the drive components, spindle and tools, it enables precise travel even with top performance.

In future, indications such as for PMMA splints will benefit with savings in time of approximately 50% can be reckoned with (approximately 45min per splint).

Parallel to the new control technology, the Ceramill Motion 2 hybrid system and new, additional Ceramill Mikro IC wet unit were equipped with an extremely powerful, high-frequency spindle. With its hybrid ball bearings, stability and highly accurate concentricity, it is one of the most powerful drives that can be used for dental milling machines. With up to 100,000 revolutions per minute, it also controls materials difficult to process such as hybrid ceramics or lithium disilicate and enables highly efficient milling and grinding processes.

Six years after the market launch of the first desktop system, the milling units were presented with new interior and exterior values and have been extended to include two additional machines. In future, the Amann Girrbach portfolio will be divided into the "Specialised" and "All-In" units, allowing the company to cater even more specifically for the individual needs of dental laboratories. The "Specialised" class includes a total of three milling machines, which, with their respective range of services, are mainly targeted at laboratories with a focus on specific materials or indications. They consist of the 4-axis Ceramill Mikro 4X dry unit, on the market since 2015, and also the newly added sister model, the Ceramill Mikro 5X. Also equipped for the dry mode, the compact unit incorporates the latest 5-axis technology. In addition to conventional standard indications, it also enables in-house fabrication of splints, bars and implant bridges in minimum space but with a wide range of services.

Laboratories can also look forward to a completely new type of machine in this category - the Ceramill Mikro IC 4X. The compact, condensed design vocabulary indicates that this is the complete power pack. This assumption is confirmed by a view of the interior: an extremely solid axis system, installed in a monocoque housing to provide stability, ensures that materials can be wet processed with high feed rates.

The Ceramill Motion 2 5X makes the "All-In" category, a global benchmark in terms of the range of materials and indications it can handle. The flagship of the Ceramill CAD/CAM brand entered the domain of dental laboratories for the first time in 2012 and since then, has come to be regarded as a guarantee for complete in-house value creation, future security and flexibility. The 5-axis milling machine combines the wet/dry grinding, milling and carving technique in one unit and enables a virtually limitless range of materials to be processed in-house. A modular Plug&Play quick-change holder concept enables cost-effective integration of new materials and adaptation of the milling unit quickly and flexibly to changing requirements. As with the Ceramill Mikro IC wet unit, users also gain from the high operating performance and efficiency of the built-in high-frequency spindle. In combination with the innovative Ceramill control technology and typical compact, robust machine design, the Ceramill Motion 2 is a highly precise all-round machine true to the motto: one for all - all in one!

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