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New M2 milling unit comfort line

New Products Milling

The new M2 milling unit comfort line stands for modern operating comfort and flexibility. With the M2 Wet Heavy Metal, the M2 Teleskoper, the M2 Dual Wet Heavy Metal, the M2 Dual Teleskoper and the M2 Dual Double Teleskoper, the comfort line comprises five milling units with fully automatic 5+1 axis simultaneous milling technology.

The highlight in terms of flexibility is the extra-large Teleskoper Orbit (ø 125 mm) that, in combination with special interchangeable holders, permits to process all common soft and hard material blanks of ø 95 mm, ø 98 mm, ø 106 mm or even ø 125 mm. With the Teleskoper Orbit blanks can be removed and reinserted back into the orbit at the same position with a precision in μm range. This is particularly helpful for adjusting the friction of telescopic jobs or for the two-stage fabrication of immediate restorations in case of implant-supported prostheses (with the Double Milling technique). All M2 milling units are stand-alone solutions: it is possible to start milling and calibration processes or load elaboration tools directly from the machine via the integrated PC with touchscreen. The optical tool detection ensures greater safety during milling. The two separate large milling chambers are the trademark of the M2 Dual milling units. However, also the M2 and the M2 Teleskoper milling units are characterised by spaciously designed, optimally illuminated and easily accessible milling chambers as well as with a separated, contamination-protected tool chamber with 21-compartment automatic tool changer (optionally, up to 84 for the M2 versions). The automatic self-cleaning function, the integrated Cleaning Kit for an easy cleaning of the milling chambers and the Ioniser (optional) ensure a particularly clean elaboration of the materials. The performance range of the machines can be extended by integrating different accessories available, e.g. the Glass Ceramic/Raw-Abutment® Holder and the JawPositioner Support. With the M2/M2 Dual Upgrade Kit, the M2 Wet Heavy Metal and the M2 Dual Wet Heavy Metal milling units can be upgraded to the Teleskoper version. For more information visit or scan the code.

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