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30 Sep 2011 | eLABORATE

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One system, multiple solutions

CAD/CAM Digital Dentistry

3Shape Dental System solutions have expanded to encompass a complete and flexible product line offering for laboratories. This means that laboratories, regardless of their size or business model, can find suitable CAD/CAM tools to match their business needs and ambitions.

The main differentiators among the scanners in 3Shape's line are performance parameters such as speed, camera resolution and scan accuracy level, plus the availability of features such as "Multi-Die" batch scanning and "Texture Scanning". 3Shape's entry-level system D500 comes with a design software package that covers the basic dental indications rather than the full range - but can be upgraded later to include the full-indication package and additional advanced design tools. The solutions offered cover different types of lab work, throughput volumes, lab sizes and business models.

Once the laboratory defines its own requirements, it can easily find the optimal CAD/CAM system in 3Shape's product line-up. Larger laboratories may require multiple systems networked to efficiently set up workstations devoted to different purposes.

Australian 3Shape agents Dental Axess take an unbiased approach to bring more laboratories of varying sizes and types into the world of CAD/CAM and help established digital laboratories expand their business and service possibilities without being locked into one manufacturing partner.

Open and optimized
3Shape Dental System, through Dental Axess, is one of the few CAD/CAM solutions providers that has chosen, and adhered to, the path of open architecture systems. The open system supported and optimized by Dental Axess allows labs to send their digital designs onward for production to an increasing number of local and international milling partners. This means that users have the freedom to choose the most optimal production partners in relation to result, quality, competition and own business models.

The Dental Axess Gateway facilitates and optimizes connection interfaces between the 3Shape Dental System and individual production facilities. The system provides a seamless transfer of design data though a fully integrated and certified approach.

As an example, a common misconception is that an open STL file is the only format required for seamless integration. However, this format lacks critical information such as path of insertion and margin definition, leaving the manufacturer with guesswork potentially impacting the end result. Dental Axess overcomes this issue by providing optimized output formats and material settings for each manufacturer.

Helping labs to help their dentists
3Shape has developed groundbreaking communication tools that enable laboratories to increase technician efficiency and expand their range of services for their clinician-clients.

In today's competitive climate, laboratories that shift from production-only to service-provider profiles are gaining market share. 3Shape's powerful CAD design software provides solutions to assist in building new services and stronger business relationships. For example 3Shape Communicate enables laboratories to send their clinician-clients 3D visualizations for use in their discussions with the laboratory as well as with their patients.

Regardless of laboratory size and business model Dental Axess provides one system offering multiple solutions. Laboratories can look forward to a flexible, powerful, optimized system that will raise both business value and production gains.

Dental Axess is an independent distributor of 3Shape Dental Solutions for Australia and New Zealand. For more information, contact Dental Axess on (02) 9125-4900 or

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