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30 Nov 2010 | eLABORATE

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Osteon Medical and Swinburne Uni launches CAD/CAM milling partnership

The fruits of a major research and development project between Osteon Medical and Swinburne University embarked upon in 2007 have now been brought to market with the launch of the Optimus range of Precision Milled Structures for dentistry.

With its manufacturing facility on the grounds of Swinburne University in Melbourne, Osteon Medical has commenced the manufacture of custom-made precision milled bars, frameworks and superstructures in titanium, CoCr, PMMA and Plasti-Wax to the highest standards and backed by a 10-year product replacement warranty.

"It's exciting to finally launch the range of products we've been working on for the past several years at a time when demand is increasing exponentially," said Michael Tuckman, CEO of Osteon Medical. "We are now fully operational and can mill a range of products for implant-supported restorations."

The Optimus product range includes fixed hybrid bars, wrap around bars, Melbourne bars and copy milling from a resin pattern in a variety of materials. Titanium Fixed/Removable solutions include combination, primary, Nexus, Hader and Dolder bars (both egg-shaped and U-shaped). Nexus, primary and combination superstructures are also available in titanium, CoCr, tooth-coloured PMMA and Plasti-wax.

"We're working closely with a number of partners including one of Australia's internationally respected Universities to ensure our product range is optimized for the latest generation developments in advanced technology," Mr Tuckman said. "We are committed to thorough research and development and currently play a key role in several major studies. Due to this strong commitment to research and development, Osteon is able to consistently develop new products to meet industry demand. Our dedicated team of professionals enable us to stay ahead of the market, pioneering products that are widely acceptable into every day practice."

Rather than requiring laboratories to purchase a scanner to utilize the milling centre as has been the norm with many CAD/CAM systems, Osteon Medical's operational model invites laboratories to physically send cases to the company for in-house scanning and design. Once the design is completed, it is emailed to the technician to review prior to manufacturing.

"The scanning and manufacturing process must be tightly controlled in order to produce high quality, passively fitting structures in multi-unit cases," Mr Tuckman said. "Hence it is far easier for all parties concerned if we look after both the scanning and milling at our facility in Melbourne. It also means that any laboratory can easily send us a case and the model will be returned with the milled structure in place in our special 'safe case' without a substantial up-front investment.

"We believe that this, combined with our versatile product range, will allow technicians to provide cost-effective, cutting edge solutions to dentists around the country and the world based on technology developed in Australia."

Mr Tuckman began his career studying Dental Technology at RMIT and once qualified, was employed at Custom Design Implantology in Collins Street, Melbourne.

Under the guidance of world-renowned ceramist Peter Vryonis, he learnt many disciplines, most important of which was to always think outside the box and to constantly push the envelope.

So in June 2006, seeing the direction dental technology was taking, Mr Tuckman began studying Mechanical Engineering at Swinburne University, focusing on such areas as advanced CAD/CAM manufacturing and material science.

Whilst studying, Swinburne University saw the merit of his project and offered a partnership which would start the beginning of a fantastic research and development agreement culminating with the launch of the Optimus range.

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