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Passion for freedom: exocad 3.0 Galway

By Terry Whitty

Recently, exocad released version 3.0 of its Dental CAD software and it has evolved into a very mature software suite indeed. Version 3.0 belies the true evolution of exocad which has just celebrated its 10th birthday.

Over the past decade, there have been myriad incremental releases, however, the significance of the updates this time around warrant a full version 3.0 designation. And, in keeping with their celebration of European capitals of culture, this release inherits the Galway name as well, so officially, the new version is known as exocad version 3.0 Galway.

The most obvious change with Galway is the completely new, sleek and clean user interface that has received a full overhaul. Regular users will still feel immediately feel at home with the new look and feel of the software. There is even a new "Dark Mode" for lovers of that style.

New users will find the software incredibly easy-to-use as the wizard function guides you through all the steps for each operation. For "power users" the "expert mode" allows infinite possibilities and the ability to go back to steps in and make adjustments where they are needed. For example , finished your restoration but are unhappy with one of the margin lines? You can change to expert mode and change it in a flash with a click of the mouse. You can do this with most operations, both simple and ultra complex.

Some of the highlights of exocad 3.0 Galway include:

  • Instant anatomic morphing - With this patent pending process, the anatomy of the teeth adjusts in real time as you move and position a tooth. This is really very helpful and has to be used to be appreciated as it will adapt to opposing teeth automatically and maintain the shape of the original anatomy.
  • Parametric Shape Adjustment - Any existing tooth library can be adjusted across all of the teeth. For example, you can flatten cusps across the whole set of teeth in the library by just adjusting one of the teeth. The same is true if you want deep fissures; like magic it will be chawed across all the teeth in the selected library. Endless possibilities!
  • Advanced Bridge Connector Editing and Viewing Tools - The ability to use split screen editing and new tools to change several connectors simultaneously for a faster workflow in every situation.
  • Insertion Direction Control - Vastly improved new tools that give control over each individual insertion axis
  • New AI features in Smile Creator - Facial features are now automatically detected to automate the smile design and to get to an aesthetic proposal faster. New Mockup tooth setups give the ability to design clip on try ins so patients can try out there new smile design
  • Model Creator now allows the creation of digital watertight wax models that can be printed on any 3D printer, with presets for all leading manufacturers including ASIGA!
  • The Implant Module has been improved with colour coding and the ability to rotate the abutment connection based on the implant library used to set up Ti-bases and angulated abutments for the optimal result. The implant connection can now be switched within compatible libraries.
  • The Bite Splint module now allows anatomical teeth to be included in the design of the splint so sophisticated orthotics can now be designed easily.
  • The Full Denture module now includes new presets from new generic tooth lines and also the ability to create your own custom presets.

exocad now offers many exciting and flexible ways to access the software. You can go all out and buy everything if you wish or you can just get what you need and add to it as the budget allows.

Standalone versions are also now available for certain models such as Smile Creator, Bite Splint and Model Creator to name a few. Whichever way you want to use exocad, you will find it extremely easy to use and you will find something for everyone be it crown and bridge, implants, splints, partials or full dentures.

Try exocad 3.0 Galway "FREE for 14 Days" by calling Fabent on 1300-878-336 or see

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