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31 Mar 2017 | eLABORATE

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Ready-made wax trees for IPS e.max press using new software add-on

New Products

The function "Wax Tree" combines modern 3D printing technology with the well proven press technology. Using this method, IPS e.max press restorations can be easily and economically produced.

The software add-on "Digital Press Design - Wax Tree", allows numerous press objects to be combined together in a wax tree. This reduces the spruing process considerably. The sprues are automatically positioned on the press objects and aligned according to the instructions in the IPS Sprue Guide. This increases safety and the quality of the entire pressing process. Individual corrections to spruing position and length of the pressing channels are still possible.

Open for many users

The wax trees can be produced using a 3D printer. Then, they can be transferred into the pressing process. The wax tree output is in an open STL format. Therefore all conventional 3D printers can be used in combination with a burn-out material suitable for the IPS e.max press technique.

Flexible use

The software is based on the CAM software "CAMbridge" by 3Shape. This is available as an add-on for Wieland customers. All non-Wieland customers who own a 3Shape dental system can use the software via a so-called "second dongle".

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