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Speed beyond any expectations

New technologies permit sintering zirconia structures - from single crowns to 3-unit bridges - in approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes only, with no variation of flexural strength, colour or fit values, to meet the patient's growing demand for fast and aesthetic solutions without compromising on quality.

Some of the latest technological solutions recently launched in the market greatly simplify the production process of zirconia restorations. Small structures, for example, can now be produced and delivered to patients in a considerably faster time. This is an important goal to meet the patient's growing demand for fast and aesthetic solutions without compromising on quality,with the added benefit of increasing one's service value. Zirkonzahn's ranges of CAD/CAM equipment and materials are perfectly integrated with each other, for an improved communication within the techno-clinical team and a 100% smooth work process - from patient data registration to the restoration delivery.

A workflow example

A workflow example for small-size restorations, based on the newest technological developments:

  1. Determination of the patient's natural tooth colour and corresponding zirconia material with the new monolithic zirconia shade guides, available in the shape of a premolar as well as upper and lower incisors (also with minimal cutback for individual characterisation). The sample teeth accurately reproduce the colour and translucency values of the corresponding zirconia blank. If the final restoration is milled from the selected zirconia material, it is then guaranteed that the final shade will reflect 100% the natural patient's tooth colour.
  2. From scanning to nesting, the workflow can be performed smoothly with Zirkonzahn's equipment.
  3. Milling process with e.g. the M2 Dual milling units: the machines are equipped with two milling chambers - for the subsequent wet and dry milling of materials without in-between cleaning. With the new extra-large Teleskoper Orbit it is now possible to mill in one single process blanks with a 95, 98 (with step), 106 and even 125 mm diameter. Special holders allow the processing of all common soft and hard material as well as up to 9 glass-ceramics, 6 blanks for precast individual titanium abutments and up to 7 small zirconia blanks.
  4. Sintering zirconia restorations is now considerably faster with the new Zirkonofen Turbo, which is capable of cutting processing time by 81% and electric consumption by 73%. Indeed, the furnace is equipped with Ultraspeed programs perfectly adapted to all typologies of Zirkonzahn's zirconia. For instance, small structures can be sintered in approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes only, with no variation of flexural strength, colour or fit values. In addition, the round shape of the sintering chamber ensures optimum heat distribution and a uniform sintering of all zirconia elements. With a volume of 0.9L, the sintering chamber can contain up to three sintering trays stacked on top of each other, which allow the sintering of 120 zirconia elements, all in just one process.
  5. With the new Prettau® Dispersive® zirconia line, manual colouring becomes optional, since the materials - ideal for monolithic restorations - are already provided with natural colour gradient during the manufacturing process. For an even more patient-oriented design, the structure can be further characterised with colouring liquids and stains, or slightly reduced and subsequently layered with conventional ceramics or the new Fresco Ceramics. Developed for both gingival and vestibular regions, these new ceramic pastes do not require staining anymore and thanks to the low shrinkage values, one firing process is sufficient to finish the tooth and gingiva shape.

The new Zirkonofen Turbo zirconia structures can be milled, sintered and veneered in 2 hours and 40 minutes only!

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