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31 Jan 2013 | eLABORATE

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Vita hybrid ceramic provides a new definition of strength and aesthetics

New Products CEREC

VITA Zahnfabrik has created a new generation in ceramic materials for use in Sirona's CEREC and inLab CAD/CAM systems. New VITA Enamic is the first hybrid dental ceramic in the world with a dual-network structure that combines the best of what ceramic and composite materials have to offer. The CAD/CAM blocks are not only suitable for fabricating conventional inlays, onlays, veneers and crowns for anterior and posterior applications, but can also be used for minimally-invasive restorations such as non-prep veneers and for restorations in areas where space is limited.

In addition to enormous strength, this innovative hybrid material also ensures exceptional elasticity. As a result, it is perfectly suited for posterior crown, enabling the reduction of wall thicknesses for minimally invasive restorations.

The superior reliability of VITA Enamic, as well as its precision, edge stability and corresponding milling accuracy are also convincing features. Finally, it offers material properties that are almost identical to those of natural teeth and ensures a natural play of colours thanks to its excellent light conductivity.

The En - formula for success: strength + elasticity = reliability

VITA Enamic hybrid ceramic offers:

  1. Enormous strength
    After bonding to the remaining tooth structure, VITA Enamic exhibits enormous strength and guarantees perfect distribution of masticatory forces. The polymer network offers outstanding absorption of intraoral load. As a result, this material is suited especially for posterior crowns.
  2. Excellent reliability
    VITA Enamic is a very reliable material and, as a hybrid ceramic, offers an integrated crack stop function thanks to its special dual-network structure.
  3. Restorations gentle on the mouth
    In addition to greater strength, VITA Enamic also guarantees the necessary elasticity, thus enabling minimally-invasive treatment so that as much healthy tooth substance can be retained.
  4. Precise and accurate restorations
    Following the milling process, the VITA Enamic hybrid ceramic shows excellent edge stability - particularly in the case of thin restoration margins - and allows accurate morphology as well as an end result that offers a perfect fit.
  5. Fast and efficient fabrication
    The excellent milling properties of VITA Enamic guarantee that restorations can be fabricated more quickly and wear and tear on milling tools can be minimized. Moreover, the hybrid ceramic is also already at full strength and can be inserted immediately after milling.

Natural results that match the tooth shade

VITA Enamic is a tooth-coloured dental material that offers superb light conductivity. As a result, VITA Enamic restorations blend in perfectly with the remaining tooth substance, enabling a natural play of colours.

Range of indications

In addition to classic single tooth restorations (inlays, onlays, veneers and crowns), VITA Enamic is particularly suitable for minimally invasive restorations and crown restorations exposed to high masticatory forces (molar area).

Aesthetic results in two translucency levels

VITA Enamic is available in a choice of HT (High Translucency) and T (Translucent) in the five VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER shades 0M1, 1M1, 1M2, 2M2 and 3M2.

VITA Enamic Stains Kit

The VITA Enamic Stains Kit comprises six stains and accessories for the reproduction of natural shade nuances of restorations made of hybrid ceramic.

The stains are bonded to the restoration in a polymerization process. The chemical glaze material VITA Enamic Glaze is available for surface sealing. The use of this material increases the durability and brilliance of the shade in the oral environment.

Processing is based on a simple 5-step principle: condition the surface, mix and apply the shades, carry out intermediate polymerization, apply chemical glaze material and perform final polymerization. Benefits include:

  • Fast processing: Simply apply the VITA Enamic stains to the restoration, polymerize and that's it! This way the shade of VITA Enamic restorations can be quickly characterized.
  • High level of individuality: The anomalies and shade nuances of natural teeth can be individually reproduced with the six VITA Enamic stains.
  • Simple processing: The shade intensity of the VITA ENAMIC stains can be perfectly controlled by the ratio of liquid to shade powder. Moreover, the good flow characteristics ensure precise application of the stains.

VITA Enamic Polishing Set

Available in clinical and technical versions, the VITA Enamic sets of polishing instruments were developed for reliable, efficient and material-specific surface treatment of hybrid ceramic restorations in dental practices and laboratories.

The sets include various polishing instruments for pre- and high-gloss polishing. These instruments are suitable for careful and gentle polishing of occlusal surfaces, cusps, fissures and contact points of the restoration. The use of these polishing instruments results in surfaces with exceptional gloss. Benefits include:

  • Excellent final results: Excellent and plaque-resistant surfaces are produced with these instruments. Precise concentricity, matched grit sizes and the individual geometries of the instruments guarantee results with superior precision.
  • Simple and safe handling: The instruments guarantee superior material removal performance. Good handling and the use without polishing paste enable simple and fast processing. Safe use of the clinical instruments is guaranteed since they can be sterilized.
  • Gentle and careful processing: These instruments, which were developed especially for VITA Enamic and ensure gentle and careful reworking. As a result, for example, the risk of possible formation of microcracks is reduced.

VITA Enamic scientific results

VITA Enamic hybrid ceramic is comprised of a porous ceramic matrix with the pores being filled with a polymer material. The mass percentage of the inorganic ceramic part is approximately 86 wt%, while the mass percentage of the organic polymer part is 14 wt%. The advantages that characterise VITA Enamic are based on its unique properties: high strength, exceptional reliability and quality as a very natural restorative material. Its high precision and economic efficiency were documented on the basis of extensive technical and scientific testing including:

  • Static fracture load testing demonstrated the highest fracture load of approx. 2890 N and lowest standard deviation.
  • Dynamic fracture load testing revealed that the survival rate of VITA Enamic crowns with walls of normal and reduced thickness is 100%.
  • Utmost reliability and integrated crack-stop function was tested with VITA Enamic having a Weibull modulus of 20.
  • Modulus of elasticity and abrasion behaviour testing demonstrated elasticity of 30 GPa, putting VITA Enamic in the same range as human dentin. Up until now, no dental restorative material was in this elastic range.
  • Machinability and edge stability testing demonstrated that non-prep veneers with a wall thickness of approximately 0.2 mm could only be milled fully using VITA Enamic.

VITA Enamic Clinical studies

In addition to scientific testing, several in-vivo clinical studies are underway:

  • Clinical study, University of Freiburg, PD Dr. GuB: VITA Enamic crowns.
    Study commenced: November 2011
    Planned restorations: 50 crowns
    Already placed: 29 crowns
  • Clinical study, University of Freiburg, PD Dr. GuB: VITA Enamic inlays, onlays, partial crowns, table tops.
    Start of the study: November 2011
    Restorations placed so far: 51
  • Acceptance phase: VITA Enamic crowns, implant crowns, partial crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers; restorations were inserted by various pilot users.

VITA Enamic: Summary

The first hybrid dental ceramic in the world with a dual network structure creates a new definition of strength. VITA Enamic is the dental material of the future since it enables fast and efficient processing and produces perfect results for users and patients alike:

  • Enormous strength by combining elasticity and stability;
  • Unsurpassed reliability thanks to integrated dual network structure with crack-stop function;
  • Efficient processing thanks to long service life of milling tools and short milling times;
  • Precise and accurate restorations also in cases of thin walls; and
  • Excellent translucency results in natural restorations that match the tooth shade.
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