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31 May 2015 | eLABORATE

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Wieland Digital Denture: CAD/CAM system for removable denture prosthetics

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At IDS 2015, Wieland and Ivoclar Vivadent showcased a significant collaboration in dental prosthetics in the form of a new "Digital Denture" fabrication process. The comprehensive workflow incorporates innovative appliances, software and coordinated materials for dentists and dental technicians that results in the production of full dentures using CAD/CAM.

The workflow begins with an impression and registration designed for customised data capturing. This information is transferred to the design software via an add-on software module and incorporated into the denture design. Once the design is complete, the denture base is milled in an optimised CAM unit.

Products for the dentist

Centric Tray is used for preliminary bite taking using a simple yet effective method. The UTS CAD assists dentists in measuring the angle of the occlusal plane in relation to Camper's plane and the bipupillary line. Both angular measurements are transferred to the virtual model using the 3Shape™ Digital Denture Professional design module and further specify the virtual occlusal plane. The Gnathometer CAD needle-point tracing appliance allows easy intraoral registration of individual jaw relations in edentulous patients. As a result, the denture design is dictated by the specific details of the patient.

Scanner and software

The Digital Denture Professional add-on module builds on the 3Shape design software platform. It offers enhanced user convenience and heightened denture quality and functionality. Custom trays with integrated bite registration can be constructed digitally. This makes it possible to enter the digital workflow at an early stage of the fabrication process. The software is linked to the patient-specific occlusal plane, centric relation and vertical occlusal dimension. Exclusive sample setups using Ivoclar Vivadent and Candulor moulds are integrated into the tooth library. Making the leap from average value prosthetics to custom-built digitally produced dentures is easy to achieve with this innovative workflow.

Zenotec select ion

Thanks to the 8-disc material changer, the Zenotec select ion milling unit offers high productivity and outstanding restoration quality. The main innovation is the ionizer. Ionized compressed air is directed onto the tools and materials via targeted nozzles during the processing operation and neutralizes the static charge. Acrylic particles can then be evacuated easily.

Products for dental technicians

IvoBase CAD for Zenotec are impact-resistant PMMA discs, suitable for the manufacture of denture bases. They are available in the popular shades Pink, Pink-V, Preference and 34-V. Tray Disc for Zenotec is a rigid PMMA disc for the manufacture of a diverse range of products. ProArt Wax Discs for Zenotec are pink wax discs suitable for milling and boil-out needs. The self-curing two-component IvoBase CAD Bond is supplied in a pink shade and provides a reliable bond between denture teeth and CAM produced denture bases. Ivoclar and Candulor offer a wide range of outstanding denture teeth of equally high aesthetic quality.

Together, this unique range of appliances, software, materials and scanning and milling hardware combine with traditional prosthetic teeth to form a complete digital workflow solution for the production of finished full dentures.

The Wieland Digital Denture solution will be available in late 2015.

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